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A Great Place to Learn and Grow

Hilton Primary is an Independent Public School, established in 1950 and still flourishing after more than 70 years in our vibrant community. Initially, our school was known as Hilton Park Primary School. Located five kilometres from central Fremantle, we treasure our beautiful natural and managed landscapes. We appreciate that our enhanced physical environment, provides authentic teaching and learning experiences for all of our students, Kindergarten to Year 6.

Hilton Primary School has a long and respectful association with Noongar culture. We acknowledge that our school is on Wadjuk Noongar Boodja and that we are the current custodians of this land, to be shared with all who come here. We acknowledge the richness of Wadjuk Noongar culture and the significance of First Nations people in the past, present and future. We strive to walk the journey of Reconciliation with First Nations people and continue to respect the contributions of Indigenous and Non-Indigenous people to the education of students, staff and families at Hilton Primary School.

Our five core values at Hilton Primary School are: Community, Care, Creativity, Inclusivity and Sustainability. We strive to practice sustainability every day, to care for our school, our broader environment, our planet and each other. We value our proximity and engagement with the adjacent Hilton Harvest Community Garden, adjacent to our Early Childhood Centre. As our student numbers have grown (to almost 300 children) we are now developing our own Hilton PS farmyard with vegetable pods and resident chickens. You will also notice our use of sustainable materials for the development of our physical environment such as our outdoor stage (2020), the development of our Sensory Room – transition space (2022), and current planning for additional nature play spaces adjacent to the school oval.

During 2021, we engaged in our first Public School Review process. This was a significant event in the growth of our school. To prepare, our staff, students and parents/carers completed a detailed self-reflection process, submitted in a format known as the ESAT (Electronic Schools Assessment Tool). We reflected on six domains and provided evidence of our current status in our continuous improvement journey. We welcomed two reviewers to validate our self-assessment against six domains:

  • Relationships and Partnerships
  • Learning Environment
  • Leadership
  • Use of Resources
  • Teaching Quality
  • Student Achievement and Progress

During the self-reflection process, we collaborated to develop a Plan For Growth, for the next phase of Hilton Primary School development: 2021-2024. Our revised purpose statement aligns with our commitment to further growth and development:

Every child’s learning is nurtured every day.

Our Plan For Growth particularly details the recommendations and actions for 2022. You may like to read our Public School Review Report and our Plan For Growth 2021-2024, available on this website. We are excited and motivated by our next Public School Review, later in 2022, when we anticipate sharing significant changes across the six school domains.

Each day, from Kindergarten to Year 6, we continue to strive for excellence in teaching and learning. We nurture positive partnerships with our families and community. We intentionally balance explicit teaching with play-based learning and nature pedagogy, so that Hilton Primary School is “a great place to learn and grow.”

We highly value the diversity of our school and community. In addition to the 12% of students who identify as First Nations people, we have significant numbers of French and German families. Our youngest children enjoy German, French and English speaking Play Groups, affiliated with Playgroups WA.

Our very supportive families work with our staff through our Parents and Citizens Association, our School Board, our Grounds Committee and as Class Representatives. We have recently welcomed new Hilton PS Board members to provide diverse input to the Governance of our school.

The size of our school enables children to know their ‘kindred spirits’ and our families to know and care for one another. Current and prospective families are very welcome to visit our school to experience our values and to meet our students and staff as they share their teaching, learn and play. Our students will demonstrate and explain our expected behaviours, our Triple Cs, of Courtesy, Consideration and Cooperation. They will happily tell you what they love about Hilton Primary School.

For information regarding enrolments, visit our enrolments page.

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