Business Plan

Hilton Primary School Business Plan 2018 – 2020

The Hilton Primary School 2018 – 2020 Business Plan brings together system expectations as described in the Strategic Plan for WA Schools 2016 -2019 and the Directions for Schools – Focus 2018 documents. Our Business Plan identifies four key areas, which are Integral to day-to-day work. It outlines and describes the school’s actions and intent in relation to addressing future directions and working towards our school’s vision.

To deliver these we will implement a series of strategies and milestones that will be monitored using a range of indicators. Detailed annual Operational Plans, outlining budget and school resource allocations, will complement the 2018-2020 Business Plan.


  • Excellence in teaching and learning
  • Safe and supportive learning environment
  • Positive partnerships
  • Distinctive school

The full business plan can be viewed here: HILTON PS BUSINESS PLAN 2018 – 2020