At Hilton Primary School we aspire to give all children a love of Literature and Reading as well as to provide them with the skills to become competent readers, writers and orators. Consequently, our English Operational Plan is organised around the big 6 components of effective literacy instruction –  Oral language, Phonological Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary, Fluency and Comprehension.

From Kindergarten to Year 6 Hilton Primary School implements a dedicated Literacy Block where we provide explicit instruction to all students to facilitate the development of essential language and literacy skills. In the Early Years there is a focus on developing student’s Oral Language and Vocabulary through intentional teaching and rich play based learning. This is complemented by explicit literacy instruction in Phonological Awareness and an evidence based Phonics program- Letters & Sounds. Students then apply their phonic knowledge using decodable texts, purchased by funds raised by our active P&C.

Modelled, Shared, Guided Reading/ Writing and Book Discussion Groups are utilised in all year levels to provide scaffolded instruction based on student needs. Guided reading and rich Literature texts are used for instruction to improve Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension.  Students are encouraged to identify and use their taught reading strategies flexibly and interchangeably to comprehend a range of text types. In 2023 teachers will participate in the Talk for Writing program to support and build strengths in students’ writing by developing their knowledge of text and sentence structure in Narrative, Informational texts and Persuasive texts.

Hilton Primary School staff uses a range of Student Achievement Data, On Entry Assessment, NAPLAN, Brightpath, PM Benchmark & PROBE to review, inform and assess the impact of quality teaching practices across our school. In 2021 we aspire to keep every student, in every classroom every day, engaged in purposeful learning

Hilton Primary School retain strong links with the Fremantle community and values all opportunities to engage with the Spare Parts Puppet Theatre and Fremantle Literature Centre. In 2023 we look forward to hosting Stig Wemyss in celebration of Book Week, in addition to our annual book parade and whole school activities. Year Five students are also looking forward to a visit to the Fremantle Library to see visiting author Campbell Whyte. Finally, being a community based school we have a team of school volunteers who we highly value and appreciate.

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