Humanities & Social Sciences

As enthusiastic teachers and learners about our local, state, national and international communities, we look for authentic learning opportunities at Hilton Primary School. History, Geography and Citizenship are taught through explorations of rich literature, as well as by engaging in explorations and celebrations of our diverse histories and cultures.

NADIOC Week and the early years Multicultural Lunch are highlights of our school year. This year, our Grounds Committee and Aboriginal Families Group are working to enhance our Yarning Circle as a place for teaching-learning, reflection and celebration. Our school community is seeking to further our understanding of Aboriginal histories and culture as aligned to the Aboriginal Cultural Standards Framework, including the development of a Reconciliation Action Plan. We are fortunate to be able to learn with, and from, our Indigenous families and community members.

Hilton PS also cherishes connections to our German and French communities, enriched by the presence of our German and French playgroups. As per our Hilton PS Vision, we aim to “foster a love of learning in a community that is inclusive, nurturing and engaged.”