Health & Physical Education

Our Specialist Sports teacher’s focus on skills for Athletics Carnivals and Interschool carnivals is seeing Hilton progress in an important area of well-being for all students – physical activity.  Years 1-3 staff teach strategies in game situations and teamwork skills for Years 4-6, is having an impact on the students’ ability to perform and strategize in team games.

Our students compete in the school’s Athletics Carnival and at a number of interschool carnivals, which include lightning carnivals in football and netball; athletics carnivals and cross country runs. The school competes with other schools in the Fremantle District Schools Sports Association.

Specialist sport sessions are a highlight of our school sports program.  We enthusiastically welcome senior students from John Curtin College of the Arts to teach specialist soccer skills.

2020 Interschool Sports Team