Christmas in July Quiz Night

The HPS P&C annual adults fundraising and social event was held Friday 29th July 2022. Our Christmas in July Quiz Night was a huge success, with a total of 102 tickets sold and many festively dressed, merry participants.

Massive thanks to our amazing hosts, Anton McKay and Shirl (aka Cath Fitzhardinge), as well as our guest host for the special Hilton round, Frank Mofflin.
Very special thanks to our Quiz Night Committee, who variously helped gather donations, order drinks, write questions, mark answers and set up for the event.
Cath, Caroline, Naomi, Aimee, Erin, Beck, Leila, Mel, Torsten, Emma and Tim
It takes a small army for us to put together these big events, and we absolutely couldn’t do it without you!

Thanks to our bar staff for the evening, Simon, Lorraine and Emma. Our lighting setup was produced by Danny from DRB Electrics and our Sound Engineers were Mr Yhap and Mr Pritchard.
Thanks also to Carmel, Sarah, Julie and Nadine from our school office, for helping us with printing of answers sheets and posters, promos and text messages and for everything they do for our kids at Hilton. And thanks to everyone who came along to support our P&C and our School.

Congratulations to our winning team “The Cookie Cutters” as well as team “Yule Be Sorry” for winning the ‘While You Wait’ Challenge

Merry Christmas!!

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