Positive Behaviour Support

What is Positive Behaviour Support at Hilton Primary School? 

PBS stands for Positive Behaviour Support. It is an evidence-based, international system for the intentional teaching of expected behaviours. PBS is used widely in Australian schools. We aim to enhance teaching and learning outcomes by developing consistent, positive behaviours.  

At Hilton Primary School, staff model and teach expected behaviours every day. We embed PBS into our daily language and actions to teach “expected behaviours”. The expected behaviours align with our Triple Cs: Courtesy, Consideration and Cooperation.  

Each fortnight, our PBS team plans our whole school approach for teaching expected behaviours at Hilton Primary School. The team passes this information on to our colleagues to implement in the classroom and playground settings. The focus behaviour for the fortnight is announced at a Year 1-6 assembly on Monday mornings in Weeks 2,4,6,8,10. This behaviour is intentionally taught by all teachers.  Our expected behaviours are described in our PBS matrix. 

Expected behaviours are acknowledged by students receiving DOJO points (inside classes) and/or wooden PBS tokens (outside classes). Each week, one class (that shows the focus behaviour) is acknowledged with the ‘giant token’. As tokens and DOJOs accumulate, students are acknowledged with whole class celebrations. We are working towards whole school celebrations, later in the year.  

The goal of PBS at Hilton Primary School is to teach students to choose the expected behaviours at school, at home, and in our community. For example, “We show consideration when we allow others to learn”. Please contact our school on 6458 7900 if you would like to know more about our Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) program.  

Mrs Danielle Whitcombe
PBS Team Leader
Hilton Primary School 

Room 8 students with the Giant Token


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