Principal’s Message

Here at Hilton…

Kaya. Welcome to our Hilton Primary School website. We invite you to view the updates about the many teaching, learning and community events happening at our lovely school.

In recent years, we have established new Kindergarten and Pre-Primary classes and enjoyed the contributions of new families to our school. In 2023 we will offer three Kindergarten classes and three Pre-Primary classes, in the early childhood block. We will have 10 primary classes for students in Years 1 to 6.

During 2022, our Hilton PS Board, Staff and Students engaged with our second Public School Review process. This was an opportunity for us to celebrate our successes and present evidence of our enhanced teaching and learning, to two external reviewers who visited our school. It was also an important time to review our progress against our strategic plan, our Plan for Growth: 2021-2024.

Each day, we strive to live the Values of Community, Care, Inclusivity, Creativity and Sustainability. Our school grounds provide rich opportunities to teach, learn and play inside and outside the classrooms.

In recent years, our Grounds Committee (of families and staff) have consulted with Aboriginal families, our broader school community and Nature Based Play, to enhance our Sustainable Classrooms. These beautiful, authentic teaching & learning spaces are valued by students, staff and families. As well as explicit teaching of literacy and numeracy, our continuous development of nature pedagogy demonstrates that “Anything we can teach inside, we can teach outside.”

During 2022 and 2023, our Grounds Committee developed an additional nature play-outside classroom space, at the edge of our oval. This was designed particularly for our older students, and enabling after-hours community access. You may like to view the Indigenous Art which has been added this year. Another delightful space is our Sensory Room/Transition Space which is used to support students to self-regulate as they transition through the school day. In May 2023, some of our talented gardeners have planted the next stage of our adjacent Sensory Garden. It is a lovely place to be.

Each Tuesday and Thursday morning Hilton Primary School hosts breakfast club. This is done through our wonderful supportive community volunteers who facilitate the Hilton PS Breakfast Club. On these days, our children enjoy a shared breakfast, develop independence with selecting their own breakfast options, tidying their breakfast items and socialising happily to begin the school day. Breakfast Club is hosted in our recently refurbished ‘Canteen’ which is now a specialised Science and STEAM teaching and learning space. During 2022, some of our regional PEAC (Primary Extension and Challenge) programs were also hosted from this space.

Each Hilton PS day begins with classrooms open at 8.30am with transition activities before the explicit teaching of Literacy until early lunch time (11am-11.40am) and the explicit teaching of Numeracy, until recess time (11.40-1.40pm). Specialist classes in Art, Music, Drama, Physical Education and Languages, are scheduled across the week. Kindergarten students finish at 2:50pm (five days per fortnight) and Pre-Primary to Year 6 finish at 3.00pm. Many families choose to Stay and Play in our school grounds until 4pm. We appreciate that our Hilton families supervise their children as they socialise through Stay & Play times.

Our continuous Plan for Growth is aligned with the strategic directions of the Department of Education WA: Every student, every Classroom, Every Day. During 2023, we are particularly focusing on:

  • Consistent and Connected Practice across all year levels
  • Lesson Design through the early years, and primary classes.
  • Using data as the basis for planning teaching and learning
  • Continuing to develop whole school Classroom Management Strategies and Positive Behaviour Support (PBS).
  • Developing our positive school culture and team processes as we grow together.

Our class and specialist teachers are always happy to discuss their teaching, learning and play programs with our families. Please contact our school office if you would like any further information about Hilton Primary School or if you are considering enrolling your child with us. We look forward to a strong future at Hilton Primary School: “A great place to learn and grow.”

Dr Carmel Bochenek

2nd June 2023

Dr Carmel Bochenek