Principal’s Message

Here at Hilton…

Since being appointed as the permanent Principal of Hilton Primary School in April 2019, I have been inspired by the joy and creativity of the children, delighted by the warmth and strength of our community, and highly motivated to journey with our 35 staff through continuous school improvement.

One of the joys of my role is meeting new families and welcoming them to consider our school for their children. Urban infill and an influx of new families to Hilton has resulted in significant growth in our school, particularly in our early childhood classes. In 2021, our Pre-Primary cohort (55 children) is larger than any of the other year groups. We look forward to a strong future as these students grow, develop, progress, achieve and thrive as happy and capable ambassadors for our environment, community and world.

Our current Business Plan explains our school Values of Community, Respect, Inclusivity, Creativity and Sustainability. Our school grounds provide rich opportunities to teach, learn and play inside and outside the classrooms. Last year, parents and staff worked together to create a Bush Trail to demarcate areas for teaching and learning about bush regeneration, as distinct from nature play. These Sustainable Classrooms are based on the premise that “Anything we can teach inside, we can teach outside.”

Our nature pedagogy philosophy is also visible through the recent development of additional nature play areas in our junior playground and in our early childhood centre. Our beautiful loose-parts, nature play spaces are well-used during the school day as well as by families who “Stay and Play” after school.

Through the busyness of each school year, we continue to focus on the four key areas of our Hilton Primary School Business Plan:

  • Excellence in teaching and learning
  • Safe and supportive learning environment
  • Positive partnerships
  • Distinctive school

The routine of our school day continues through the year. Classroom doors open at 8.30am so we are ready for the explicit teaching of Literacy from 8.50am. Our explicit teaching of Numeracy is after recess. Specialist classes in Art, Music, Physical Education and Italian, are scheduled across the week. Kindergarten students finish at 2:50pm (five days per fortnight) and Pre-Primary to Year 6 finish at 3.00pm.

Our areas for continuous school improvement are aligned with the Department of Education WA Focus 2020 to Every Student, Every Classroom, Every Day. Despite the interruptions of 2020, our staff have

  • Upskilled in systematic, synthetic phonics (Letters and Sounds)
  • Reviewed our process for Students At Educational Risk (SAER)
  • Considered Positive Behaviour Support (PBS).
  • Continued STEAM initiatives and explored Nature Pedagogy

Please contact our school office if you would like any further information about Hilton Primary School,

A Great Place to Learn and Grow.

Dr Carmel Bochenek

Dr Carmel Bochenek