School Board

Why do we have a Hilton PS School Board?

Hilton PS is an Independent Public School (IPS). This means that the school, through the Principal, has greater opportunity and responsibility to allocate resources in the best interests of our students and in accordance with the current Business Plan. The Hilton School Board Chairperson and the Principal agree on an annual Funding Agreement for Schools and are required to demonstrate alignment between our Business Plan and the Delivery and Performance Agreement for public schools. This occurs as part of the Public School Review, which is every three years.

As an IPS, Hilton PS is required to adhere to the policies and procedures of the Department of Education WA (DOEWA) and to teach the West Australian Curriculum as defined by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA). The Hilton PS Board engages in disciplined dialogue with the school Principal to ensure that our financial, physical and staff resources are directed to the priorities of the current Business Plan. 

Like other IPS, the Hilton PS Board provides a forum for critical thinking and robust discussion as a basis for the Principal’s professional decision making related to the distinctive characteristics of our school.  The Board does not influence operational matters but may inform the Principal of factors to be considered.  The Hilton PS Principal is in partnership with the Board members in the interests of continuous school improvement. Collectively, the Hilton PS Board represents our families, staff and community.

School Board Members

  • Carmel Bochenek – Principal
  • Amanda Hodgson – Board Chair
  • Danny Bentley
  • Lucille Bourget – Secretary
  • Adam Alexander
  • Erin Maher
  • Felicity Monck
  • Wes McGrath
  • Frankie Gibbins
  • Andrea Townes