Our Sustainability Goal

Our Sustainability goal at Hilton Primary School is for all of our students and staff members to act as ambassadors for the environment, to care for our planet and each other.

Sustainability Projects and Initiatives

The Sustainability Voluntary Contribution included in the HPS School Fees Schedule for 2020 has been used toward purchasing LED lighting throughout the school and has contributed toward the set up costs of our trailer for collection of containers for the Containers for Change Container Deposit Scheme.

Container Deposit Scheme

Our School ID is: C10289768

Hilton Primary School P&C is participating in the Containers for Change program.  The scheme commenced on 1st October 2020 and we will collect eligible containers in our trailer, which is located near the Staff Carpark entrance.  You can add your containers to the collection any time during school hours.

Alternatively, if you return your containers to a refund point yourself, you can use our scheme ID and the funds flow direct to us.  Anyone, anywhere in Western Australia who is returning containers can direct their donation to us using our scheme ID.

Over 50,000 West Aussies cashed in 10 million containers in the first two weeks of this new program!

So keep your containers out of the recycling bin, put them aside (and ask your neighbours, family and friends to do the same) and feel good knowing that 10c from each container will support P & C programs.

Container Trailer

Rubbish Rangers
Our Rubbish Rangers leadership team audit waste free lunchboxes on Wednesdays. Year 6 students will collect information from classes and use this data to find the most Waste Free class in the school for the week.  Lunch boxes should not contain packaging or single use plastics to be ‘Waste Free’. Fruit peels are not considered waste. This initiative helps educate students and staff on the issues related to rubbish generated by single use plastics, and solutions available such as lunch boxes, other containers, reusable wraps and drink bottles.

Year 6 Rubbish Rangers

Worm Farm

Our food scraps such as fruit peels are collected and given to our worms each day.  Buckets will be provided around the central eating area, to collect organic waste.  The worms turn the scraps into castings and ‘worm wee’ which can be used around the School grounds to help our beautiful gardens to grow.

Worm Farm

Mr Josh Wilson with our Year 6’s during his visit

Outdoor Classroom

“Anything we can teach inside, we can teach outside.”

HPS Staff, Grounds Committee, Aboriginal Families Group and P&C have been working together to establish our Outdoor Classroom.  We are extremely lucky  to have such amazing grounds that offer wonderful opportunities to teach, learn and play. In 2019, parents and staff worked together to create a Bush Trail to demarcate areas for teaching and learning about bush regeneration, as distinct from nature play. This was the first phase of our Outdoor Classroom.

Phase Two of our Outdoor Classroom is the establishment of a Butterfly Garden and further development of our Yarning Circle.  In June 2020, we were fortunate to receive a $20,000 federal grant to further develop our Outdoor Classroom with the support of Mr Josh Wilson, Federal Labor Member for Fremantle.