Busy Bee and Jubilee – update!

The Queen’s Trees for the Jubilee 

  • In the past week we have welcomed just over 40 new native trees to our beautiful grounds. 
  • 17 of these are established trees, expertly planted by Ellenby Tree Farm 
  • 21 were younger plants… expertly planted by our children throughout the school last Friday (29th July 2022) as part of National Tree Day for schools!! 

Our thinking for species choice and positioning has been based on the following: stock availability, Cockatoo foraging, WA native, shade, speed of growth, and interest of flowers/seed pods/sensory opportunities for our kids e.g. tactile, colour, smell etc.

Sunday 29th July we had a busy bee to give each tree a little TLC in order to help them settle into their new home. This project received funding from the Australian Government’s Planting Trees for The Queen’s Jubilee Program. 

Our busy bee-ers also did some great work near the middle playground, converting an unused/awkward space into a mulched garden bed, that is home to 2 new plants and our gardener, Graham, will also plant some more plants that were donated at the last Busy Bee. 

The grass from this area was re-located over to the newly converted transition/sensory space on the western end of the sports shed. With some creative thinking and donation of wood slices, a sensory garden is starting to take shape under the shade of one of the Jubilee trees, a glorious Silver Princess! 

We hope you enjoy these additions to our beautiful grounds that we are so luck to have around our school.

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