EduDance 2021

On Tuesday 30th March, the students of Hilton Primary School presented the energetic dance routines and all the new cool moves they’ve learnt this term in EduDance. PP 1&2, Yr 1 & 2 (Room2), Yr 2 (Room 4), Yr 3 & 4 (Room 6) and Yr 6 (Room 9) performed in our first concert, and PP 3, Yr 1 (Room 3), Yr 3 (Room 5), Yr 4 & 5 (Room7) performed in the second concert.

We are extremely grateful that we were able to have these performances this year, and send a massive thanks to Gemma from EduDance for the amazing routines and huge enjoyment that all of the students had participating in the program this term.

The P&C filmed both shows and will edit the concerts into one seamless performance. The final the video will be available for sale as a fundraising initiative.

Here are some photos from the performances:

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