Grounds Committee Update

Busy Bee and the Jubilee!

On Sunday 12 June we had our first Busy Bee for 2022!! Our last busy bee was in November last year, so it was great to be back and caring for our amazing school grounds!! Despite the torrential rain, we were very thankful to have a merry bunch of volunteers (including new families!) to knock off five major maintenance jobs.

These included:
• Early Childhood: clean out riverbed, weed, tidy & re-mulch centre of racetrack
• Middle Playground: re-assemble wagyl and replace seating logs (after installation of concrete ramp) tidy & re-mulch
• Bush Trail: tidy up bush trail & replace limestone border
• Rubbish rangers (mostly kids) pick up rubbish around bush trail, nature play area and around the adjacent perimeter outside the fence!
• Yarning Circle: re-mulch & tidy and digging 4 new holes for installation of grass trees kindly donated by Replants to replace the failed grass trees that didn’t survive the move from Yallingup to Hilton (as we suspected could happen).

Replants actually donated a whopping SEVEN balga trees, and have skilfully installed them! They really enhance the space and we look forward to them settling into their new home, please take care when exploring around them.

All in all, a very successful Busy Bee, thank you to all who attended, especially the children who all helped pick up rubbish, replace bush trail border stones, tidy up and dig holes (definitely a favourite amongst the year 3s!!). Thanks also to those who kindly donated morning tea, plants and potting mix (to be installed in the coming weeks).

We also received some exciting news for our little school!!! We have been successful in securing $11,000 towards expanding our tree canopy throughout the school grounds through the Commonwealth Queen’s Jubilee funding program!! We’ll be working on a plan for the planting using these funds and hope to have this project starting very soon.

If you’d like to get involved with our Grounds Committee, please contact the School Office for details.

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