Hilton PS returns Monday 8th February 2021

Dear Hilton Families,

I hope that all of our families are safe and well. Thank you for your support and understanding whilst Hilton PS has been closed this week.

We look forward to welcoming staff, students, parents and carers back to school on Monday 8th February from 8.30am and Kindergarten students on their designated days.

Please note, for this week Kindy days are “pretend it is week1” ie. one day/child only, as allocated.

As part of the transition from Lockdown, all adults on school grounds are required to observe the following COVID practices for the next week.

  • Adults are required to wear masks to, from and whilst on the school grounds
  • Teachers will wear masks whilst moving around the school or working on tasks away from children
  • Teachers will not need to wear masks whilst they are ‘teaching’ children.
  • A common-sense approach prevails.
  • I trust that all Hilton staff will demonstrate COVID safe practices and decide when they do/don’t need to wear a mask.
  • The onus is on each individual to demonstrate COVID safe practices and to support others to do likewise.
  • Staff in early childhood classrooms will decide whether or not to wear masks whilst greeting families. They will also observe social distancing and hand hygiene.
  • The 4 m2 guideline converts to a maximum of 6 adults in each classroom at any one time. 
  • Thank you for being thoughtful in your greetings and farewells so that all families feel safe and happy as they return to school.
  • Thank you for limiting drop offs and picks to one adult/child if possible.

Greetings and Farewells

  • Kindy and Pre-Primary staff will greet each child and family. This process may be a little more ‘spread out’ than ususal ie. on the verandah, in the classroom.
  • Kindy and Pre-Primary staff will support parents/carers through the drop off / pick up routines as needed.
  • Parents/carers are not required to be socially distant from their children. They do need to be socially distant from staff.
  • We aim for every drop off/pick up to be a safe and happy time for staff, children and families.  
  • Hand sanitiser will be availabe in each classroom.
  • Year 1-6 students may be dropped off at the front gate or on their classroom verandahs.
  • Staff will greet students and families as they arrive and be available for brief handover conversations as needed.
  • Staff will discuss any child’s additional needs for drop off/pick up, with parents/carers.

Please talk to your child’s teacher if you have any concerns or questions.  Office staff also welcome your questions, feedback and suggestions.

Thank you for assisting our return to school as soon as possible.

Dr Carmel Bochenek

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