New Website Launch

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0 !!! LAUNCH! 🚀

Today we launched our new look website for Hilton Primary School. This was the culmination of many, many voluntary hours by our wonderful Hilton people, in particular:

Emily Furzer (Content design and formatting),
Louis De Dianous (all things digital)
Fiona Romanin (special features photography) Petite Exposure
Lisa Goessmann (portrait photography) Lisa Goessman Photography

We are sure you will enjoy the images of our beautiful children and families.  We invite you to read about our lovely school and to make contact via Although we have double checked media permissions for staff and students, we are aware that mistakes are possible. If you find anything of concern, please contact our Administration team.

Most importantly, our new website is a celebration of all that we love about Hilton Primary School, made possible by people who keep on giving.
Thank you to our students, staff and families of Hilton Primary school, “A great Place to learn and grow.”

Enjoy 🍃

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