Room 6, Year 4 Assembly

Term Four kicked off to a great start, with Room 6, Year 4s hosting the first formal assembly, on the school values. The students discussed the meaning of courtesy, consideration and cooperation and staff members were asked how they demonstrated these virtues, in different contexts across the school. The key classroom values of ‘happiness’ and ‘success’ were promoted, as students shared examples of these attributes in their lives, at home and at school.   

Several community members and inspirational guest speakers were invited to address the school. Constable Todd Davey, Cadet Jy Oxenham (Palmyra Police Station), Fireman Uncle T, Para-Olympian Brad Ness and the staff from Fremantle PCYC. The assembly concluded with whole school community singing, inspired by a Room 6 music video of ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams.  

Hilton Primary School is “A Great Place to Learn and Grow.”

Well done Room 6! 

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