Happy Peaceful Safe

What does this mean to you?  How would you express that on a canvas?

At the end of Term 1, 2022 HPS P&C provided a 20cm square art canvas to all students from Kindy through to Year 6 for them to decorate over the school holidays and return to school at the beginning of Term 2.  

Students could choose to use any material they would like and were encouraged to decorate their canvas to show what represents ‘Happy’ ‘Peaceful’ ‘Safe’ to them, with a short description if they wished.

Over 170 canvases returned were with some amazing artworks and some beautiful words describing what means ‘Happy’ ‘Peaceful’ ‘Safe’ to our HPS students. We held an exhibition of the artworks at school on Election Day, 21 May 2022, and viewers were invited to vote for their favourite piece of art.  

We have awarded a prize in each class for the most eye-catching artwork.  Our class prize winners are:

Nola Watson – Kindy Blue

Kailani Mutzl – Kindy Green

Jack Moore – Kindy Yellow

Zoe Smith – PP1

Skip Van Den Einden – PP2

Lila Megan – Year 1 Room 2

Anton Burke-Klein – Year 1 Room 3

Kristina Egli – Year 2 Room 4

Finja Stone Kaske – Year 1/2 Room 5

Toby Stocker – Year 3 Room 6

Ivy Ward – Year 3/4 Room 7

Olive McCormack – Year 4 Room 8

Clara Woodland – Year 5/6 Room 9

And the winner of our public vote was:

Arya Powell – Year 3/4 Room 7

Congratulations to all our winners, and thanks to everyone who submitted an artwork.

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